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Quality Control:

Chemical, physical and microbiological tests are performed on all finished products, semi-products, raw materials and packaging materials in Maitürk Chemistry Quality Control laboratories.

Technical Support:

Maitürk Kimya's technical support team is constantly at the service of its customers with the understanding of uninterrupted after-sales service. It responds to customer needs as soon as possible with the solutions developed in line with the demands. It is the solution partner of its partners with its equipped physics and chemistry laboratory, technical staff consisting of expert chemists and engineers and its dynamic structure.

Innovation and Research:

As Maitürk, in addition to developing new products that strengthen our position in our core business, it is also very important to improve our existing product family and production steps. Our research activities are closely related to the requirements of our products in the market, the wishes of our customers and technological improvements that will open up new opportunities in the future. Especially our projects that require creativity are supported by our own research and development activities, a cooperation network formed by leading universities and partner companies. We aim to transform new ideas into successful products by pooling experience in this way. These activities are supported by the systematic development of employees in the company's R&D department.


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